My PRS Hollybody II SE:

My '91 American Standard Telecaster:

My Reverend Sensei 290:

My two custom Fender Strats:

My main one is a custom built mahogany I assembled using all Fender parts and official replacement parts. It's a (hardtail) Warmoth chambered body with a mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard and has Vintage Vibe P90 pickups
All of the hardware was salvaged from the Strat below that was destroyed in a fire:

It's a mid 90's Lonestar Strat with Burns Tri-Sonic pickups. I guess it wasn't really destroyed after all!

Between my guitar and amp I use GeorgeL cables. My current effects chain is as follows:

Teese Real McCoy Picture wah > AnalogMan Sun Lion fuzz booster > AnalogMan Auto Wah > Turbo RAT > Alf Hermida's Zendrive > Analogman KOT > Dr. Scientist Sunny Day delay > JHS 3 Series Chorus > Peterson Strobostomp tuner > Zvex SHO

My main amp is a customized 65' Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissse.


Frank DeNigris
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